4 ways to get rid of your Covid-19 flight phobia

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By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 17, 2021

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The first time I took a flight during the pandemic, nervousness enveloped my body. My clammy hands gently manoeuvred my suitcase to the airline counter, my mask firmly fixed on my face.

Anxiety eased when I sat on the seat and looked out of the window. “I am ready for flying again,” I exclaimed when I sat in my car 48 hours later.

“It is not as bad as I thought”. Flying during the pandemic may seem risky, but it’s not as scary as you may think, granted you are abiding by all the Covid-19 regulations.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of your Covid-19 flight phobia:

Research is king

Research the airline and its Covid-19 policies before you book a ticket. Check if there have been any recent incidents on-board regarding Covid-19 and scour social media for information from previous flyers. If you have any doubts, call the airline directly to share your concerns. Knowing what to expect on a flight and which airlines are adopting health and safety procedures will ease the nerves.

Reset the mind

Now that you have decided to go ahead with flying, write down what makes you anxious and work on it. For example, I felt uneasy sitting next to someone on the plane. With planes trying to make back revenue they lost during the lockdown, there’s no way the seat next to me would be empty. And I sure wasn’t paying extra to have the seat next to me blocked. Under my point, I jotted down ways I could ensure my safety, like minimal contact, wearing my mask and maintaining distance in the confined space.

When I eventually sat next to someone, my mind was at ease. I greeted with a wave and got lost in my book for the rest of the flight.

Remember, if the person next to you is not adhering to Covid-19 rules, discreetly alert the cabin crew immediately.

Follow the regulations

Stopping the spread of Covid-19 starts with you. Adhere to all the rules when you enter the airport and board the plane. It’s easy to go back to our pre-Covid pandemic mindset where social distance and sanitisation were non-existent. However, if every passenger adhered to the rules, the chances of contracting Covid-19 will be slim. Be sure to carry an extra mask and sanitise regularly.

Think about happy flying moments

Overthinking makes matters worse. Ask yourself what makes you love flying and revisit those happy moments. Whenever you think negative thoughts, go back to those happy flying memories- those times when you smiled from ear to ear. You are bound to feel better.


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