Calling tourism filmmakers: Enter for Tourism Film Festival Africa

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The International Tourism Film Festival Africa (ITFFA) has opened for entries and the deadline for submissions is 15 March.

The festival, which was founded in 2019, is hosted in co-operation with the International Tourism Film Festivals Committee (CIFFT).

It aim to reward excellence in travel film and video production by encouraging tourism destinations and other bodies to produce quality products through digital storytelling.

Tourism film festival attracts world’s best

According to the festival website, the International Tourism Film Festival Africa is open to all video content related to the tourism and travel industry.

Caroline Ungersbock and James Byrne established the festival to honour and promote exceptional and innovative tourism content seen and used on a variety of platforms.

Watch the tourism film festival promo video here:

How the Africa festival began

Festival director Ungersbock was a speaker at a previous International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal and that was where she encountered CIFFT.

“My first contact with the world of tourism film festivals made me realise that video is really one of the important tools to promote a destination,” she said.

“At that very moment, the idea came up: Why not organise a festival like this in my country and that has its international focus, but without forgetting our beautiful and wonderful continent, Africa?”

What material can be submitted?

Television ads, promotional films, video campaigns, videos for social media, video blogs, documentaries, reports and TV magazines related to the promotion of tourism destinations, products and services may all be entered.

According to CIFFT director Alexander V Kammel, more than 3,500 films compete each year for the title of the World’s Best Tourism Films.

“African countries are underrepresented. It is time to show that Africa is full of talented men and women to be presented to the global creative community. This is why CIFFT strongly supports the ITFFA initiative,” Kammel said.

Who can enter tourism film festival?

The tourism film festival competition is open to all entities or persons who own or have produced audiovisual work related to tourism.

These could be advertising, marketing and PR agencies; tourism bodies; destinations; hotels, resorts and hospitality companies; municipalities and so on. Even airlines and cruise companies may enter — and student work is welcome.

Registration is free, and all films and videos submitted must have been produced or released within the last two years. All material must also be in full HD.

How entries are judged

A panel of local and international professionals and celebrities from the tourism, marketing and film industries will evaluate the entries. Critieria will include impact, creativity, style, subject matter, storytelling and goal effectiveness.

To enter your film or video clip, click here. Protection Status


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