Are you going to travelling abroad and confused about what you need to do? You’re not alone.
Below are some links that can assist you in finding the information that you require so you can have a safe and happy trip.

Suggestion Before You Go:

  1. Before you make any travel booking abroad, first check whether your destination of choice has opened its borders to travelers from your departure country or region.
  2. Check conditions of entry, e.g. whether travel is restricted to their nationals and/or residents or for essential reasons such as business.
  3. Check if you need a COVID-19 test on arrival.

For the most accurate and current travel advisories, always check official sources such as:

Your departure country’s government travel advisories 


USA: Travel.State.Gov
UK: Travel Advice

Your destination country / region’s government sites 




Your nation’s embassy in the destination country 


USA: US Embassy Mexico
UK: British Consulate General, , NY

Your destination’s official tourism board / National Tourism Office