Google and SA Tourism launches ‘South Africa: An Explorer’s Paradise’ [video]

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Google Arts & Culture (GAC) and SA Tourism partnered up for South Africa: An Explorer’s Paradise, “an online exhibition where visitors from all over the world can explore South Africa” virtually.

“I am excited that South African Tourism and Google Arts & Culture are starting their collaboration today. […] We are looking forward to the next steps together with South African Tourism, and we hope that anyone, anywhere will get a glimpse of what the country has to offer”.

Google Arts & Culture director Amit Sood

Google South Africa and SA Tourism
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South Africa: An Explorer’s Paradise

Google and Tourism SA partnership

Google South Africa said in a statement that “South Africa: An Explorer’s Paradise” is the “first phase in a long-term collaboration to celebrate [the country’s] diverse people, its rich cultural heritage and its breathtaking landscapes”. 

“South Africa has been aptly described as a microcosm of the world, a place where civilisations meet. With its spectacular views, stunning wildlife and unbeatable biodiversity, bustling modern cities, and vibrant economy, South Africa is often described as ‘A world in one country’”. 

Google South Africa country director Alistair

Google South Africa and SA Tourism
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The COVID-19 pandemic put extreme strain on the tourism industry. Mokoena adds that more than 10 million tourists visited South Africa in 2018, while October 2020 saw 91% fewer arrivals when compared to October 2019.

Therefore, Google South Africa wanted to “promote South Africa’s heritage and destinations in a way that hasn’t been done before”, hoping it would tempt local and foreign tourists alike to visit these destinations as soon as they can.

Google South Africa and SA Tourism
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SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona explained that the Explorer’s Paradise initiative will play a crucial part in the tourism sector’s recovery. In addition, the Google platform “does a great job in creating awareness”.

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Google Arts & Culture

Ntshona adds:

“The Google Arts and Culture platform does a great job in creating awareness for the rest of the world to get a spectacular glimpse of South Africa, but what also excites me is the potential of the partnership to grow the sector on the digital front”.

To experience South Africa and explore to your heart’s content, visit, or download the Android or iOS Google Arts & Culture app from the respective app stores.

Google South Africa and SA Tourism
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