Man who hit flight crew and urinated on seat faces 20 years in jail

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By Travel Reporter Time of article published Mar 15, 2021

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A man named Landon Grier is facing up to 20 years in jail for allegedly committing a series of offences during a recent flight, including urinating on a plane, not wearing his mask and hitting a flight attendant.

According to Yahoo News, Grier refused to wear his mask, despite the flight attendant asking him 8 to 10 times.

An affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent Martin Daniell III, said the man apparently “began to push and swat her hand away as she tried to gently tap his shoulder to get his attention”.

He “subsequently struck her arm two to three times in an attempt to aggressively dismiss her”.

During the flight, Grier also urinated on his seat and was told to sit down by two attendants named KK and KF. The flight attendants were alerted of this by another passenger.

KF apparently witnessed him in his seat with “his penis out of his pants”. She told him to put his penis back in his pants, to which he responded he needed to pee.

The affidavit added: “Several passengers seated around passenger Grier were then reseated and the captain was called to notify him of what had happened.”

Daniell added in his statement that Grier told him that he did consume beer and “a couple of shots” before the flight.

Grier said he fell asleep and “awoke to being yelled at by the flight attendants who told him he was peeing”.

He “had no recollection of hitting the flight attendant and didn’t know if he was peeing”.

Grier was released on a $10 000 (R148 541) bail. He will be back in court on March 26.

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