WATCH: TikTok video of ‘floating plane’ goes viral

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By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 8, 2021

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A plane floating mid-air is something we do not see often.

TikTok user Amber Baker caught a glimpse of a “floating plane” during a flight to Chicago and is reeling from the sight.

She shared the sighting on Tik Tok.

“Ok guys, tell me I am not tripping right now. This is me flying into Chicago. The plane is not moving. My friend literally sent me a video of a girl filming a plane floating in the air.


Tell me I’m not tripping!! The plane is floating! ##fyp ##plane ##floating ##simulation ##chicago ##glitchy ##weird ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Amber Baker

This exact thing just happened to me,” Baker says in the video.

“It’s so crazy. It’s so strange. What is happening?” (sic).

Her comment section flooded with other unique viewpoints.

One user Mario Robles said: “Relative speeds… if the plane was truly stationary it would be moving back like the buildings.” (sic)

Another named Derrik Nikkel Studio’s said: “It’s a glitch in the matrix or from a different reality crossing into ours (quantum entanglement)” (sic).

Another Alexander C Eaton joked: “You’re not tripping. this is really really good footage btw.. the plane is not a real plane, it’s a digital hologram ufo ships use monitor us on earth.” (sic).

According to the website,, for a plane to stay in the air and sustain the flight, the plane needs to move. However, it revealed that in rare cases, it could remain motionless if the “weight and lift cancel each other out perfectly, and at the same time thrust and drag cancel each other out too.” (sic).

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